Hello Internet Entrepreneurs!

Welcome to Blarket: a marketplace for people who buy and sell websites. We make it easy to complete a website transaction between buyers and sellers without charging pointless fees.

For Sellers...

If you would like to list your website in an auction-like format you can with Blarket for FREE! You'll be able to list your website in minutes which then will reach thousands of hungry buyers waiting for their piece of the internet. Simply sign up and list your website in our beautiful marketplace for 30 days.

For Buyers...

Simply sign up and start searching for your new internet business. Filter through a number of categories to find just what you're looking for. Once you've landed on a listing that you can't help but drool over, place a bid or purchase it on the spot using the "Buy it Now" button.

Once you are declared the winner, exchange any necessary technical information with the seller and you'll be free to grow your brand new internet real estate.

How Blarket was born

Blarket was founded by Zach Tyler, a passionate website seller himself. Zach currently attends the University of New Hampshire with a concentration in business management and entrepreneurship. Blarket was created to help encourage website owners to sell their websites without the hassle of pricey success fees. The goal is to build a simple community of trusted buyers and sellers who are all looking to succeed.

Connect with us

Feel free to fill out the contact form if you have questions, comments, or feedback. Blarket is available to connect via Twitter and the site blog. You can also reach out to Zach through his personal Twitter or LinkedIn.