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Website Details is 3+ year old, well established website and earning great and steady revenue. Let's Get Tickets sells concert tickets, sports tickets, and theater tickets at a discount price.

I've recently started on a much bigger project that requires more cash which is why I'm selling the website. The website it's self is very easy to maintain, I don't buy or hold onto any of the tickets that I sell. works with a automated network of ticket brokers where I earn commission on sales. I have the freedom to dictate my prices and generate promo codes. I have spent years developing backlinks to increase search engine ranking. I usually spend about 5-10 hours a week on marketing.

*********************** ranks on the first page of google for several terms. Some include... dallas cowboy playoff tickets cavs ticket discount codes patriots playoff ticket prices


Pagerank: 2/10

Backlinks: Roughly 1,000

Indexed pages in Yahoo: 32,450

Indexed pages in Google: 1,340


If sold, I will tell you everything you need to know about operating the business. I am selling everything, files, domain, also Everything you need to get started.

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Profit: Between Oct 1 - Dec 31 (3 months): $3,100

Revenue: Between Oct 1 - Dec 31 (3 months): $32,477 Serious inquiries will get proof, so please ask if interested.

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