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3 year old domain, Great search engine rankings, one of a kind service, pagerank 3 (


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Listed On: January 16th, 2010

Website Details

Up for sale is I acquired this site near the end of December. Here is what I have on it.

Page Rank: 3
Age: Little over 3 Years

Google Positions:

Traffic Details

This site seems to have some pretty natural incoming links. I have done nothing but move the site to my server and let it sit. I do have the FLA of the player I do not do anything with flash So I couldn't tell you any details. That is partly why im selling this site I feel I cannot give it what it needs.

Revenue Details

The revenue can vary. Here is January data so far:

Wii Hear Below Logo: 5,988 133 2.22% $1.90 $11.40
Wii Hear Below Radio: 3,436 77 2.24% $1.75 $6.03

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