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Website Details

Skidzopedia is a widely read and highly acknowledged tech blog that covers topics on Windows, Internet, Blogging, Google, How To, Tips, Tricks and other similar topics.

Established in Sep, 2008, skidzopedia has grown into a well established site. The site have been categorized into several sections, namely, Apps, How To's, Tech News, Tips and Tricks, etc etc to name a few.

No maintainance needed, only technical knowledge is required in order to interact with the readers. I'll also be providing TARAGANA Translator GOLD (worth $100, for FREE!!)

Traffic Details

Revenue ranges from $800~$1000/month, through BSA (, direct advertising, affiliates and Adsense.

Revenue Details

Skidzopedia has a solid base, with over 35K~40K unique visits each month. Alexa rank is under 65K. Yahoo Links: 27,000+, Google Links: 135.

Over 55% of the traffic comes directly from search engines, thanks to technology related keywords! 30% through referrals, while the rest comes directly.

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