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There has been 3 themes sold at $25 each in just the first two weeks! Very easy to maintain, very little upkeep. HUGE POTENSIAL in the right hands. (


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Listed On: January 20th, 2010

Website Details

Hello potential buyers,

After a period of thinking whether should i sell it or not, i've decided to sell my website with its product.

It is a website that sells single premium wordpress theme. The theme is DIY (Do it yourself), which allows the user to modify it in the way he desires (change colors, layouts, fonts etc).

You get the domain, website + the theme that is being sold.


How old is the site?

The site is old 2 weeks at most.

Was it originally yours?

Yes, everything was created and handcoded by me.

Did you buy this site?


Why are you selling it if so?

I am web designer by profession and advertising is something i need to learn.

Creating the theme that i'm selling on the website took me 2 months time and i am out of resources to do any advertising. I would keep it for myself and advertise it after a month or two, but i am also having expenses due to moving in another town. Unfortunately i need to sell it.

How much traffic do you get?

As previously mentioned, the site was launched ~2 weeks ago, and all i did for traffic was little google adwords. But don't know if i am good at it, my results were as follow:


Impressions: 24,410; Clicks: 184; CTR: 0.75%; Conversions: 3; Cost: $66.47;


Will I have full copyright to the scripts and content if I buy it?

Yes, absolutely. You are free to modify it, rebrand, do anything you want. I will also sign a NDA if you require it.

I won't be recreating or reselling the theme. Once you buy it, i am done with it.


Will you help me set it up?

Yes. I will help you with anything you need in order to set it up. However, if you want to re-brand it, that will have additional cost if you want that i do it.

The ones who are interested in seeing how the product (The Problogger Theme) works, i will send them a free copy. Request that via PM.

Please request the theme if you are only interested in purchasing.

If you have any questions, please ask them here.

Thanks for your time!

Traffic Details

Thewebsite is only 3 weeks old so i've only used Google Adwords...

Impressions: 24,410; Clicks: 184; CTR: 0.75%; Conversions: 3; Cost: $66.47

I will provide you with a screenshot of the above mentioned results via PM *due to ToS.

If you want, i will provide you (export) the keyword list and the Ad text i used for the campaign.

Revenue Details

In just a few weeks I have sold 3 themes, purely off people finding me from Google Adwords. Each theme is $25. If someone has time to market the website and work on some SEO (even though the domain is on the first page for "problogger theme") you could earn some serious money.

Revenue: $75

If you could sell 2 themes a week: $200/month

If you could sell 4 themes a week: $400/month

If you can sell one theme a day: $750

Remember, if you are interested I can send you free copy for you to test it out. This has some serious potensial!

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