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Website Details

ConBug (Concept Bug) is a product design blog. I have been only posting about twice a month. I'm selling because I've spent my time doing other projects and have lost interest in continuing with ConBug. If sold, I will give the new owner all the information needed including where I get all my articles from. I have been too busy to post articles every day, I on average write only a couple articles a week. If someone posted regularily, the traffic numbers could easily be trippled.

Traffic Details

75% has been from direct traffic/bookmarks.

22% has been from search engines

3% has been from referrals of other websites.

Organic traffic has been increasing every month!

Revenue Details

I have only used a CPM service called Adsdaq. I earned $20 last month while only having 42% fill rate. If this was higher or had Google adsense for the backup tags then ConBug could easily make $50 a month based on the traffic numbers that I had received. A while back I earned an extra $30 selling text link in my footer.

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