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How to Buy a Website

Blarket is a website marketplace quality buyers meet quality websites. If you are interested in purchasing a website then you will need to participate in the auction. Once you sign up, can have two options when bidding on a website. You can place a bid above the current price, or you can “Buy it Now” which (if accepted by the seller) would close the auction and you can then start the transaction. Whoever has the highest current bid once the auction has been ended wins the auction.

Blarket doesn't charge any money to place a bid, you simply need to sign up and place your bid.

Be sure to message and ask questions to the website’s seller so you know exactly what you are getting before you are obligated to send the seller money.

Once you have won an Auction

Once you are declared the winner, you are required to send the price indicated to the previous website owner. The details of how the buyer and seller exchange assets are up to both parties to negotiate. It’s very important to work out the technical details before the auction has ended.

How to Browse our Website Marketplace

There are three ways to find a website on Blarket. You can search for specific keywords using the search bar located at the top of every page. You can also use the “website type” tags (forum, blog, ecommerce, etc.) located below the website titles to search by website type. If you would rather browse by website size, filter your results using the category links located on the sidebar.

Buying sites

If you have any more questions please contact our support team.