Privacy Policy

What We Collect

We save the details you provide to us in your account profile, including your email address, phone numbers, physical address -- you get the idea. The majority of this information is optional, but whatever you provide is safe with us. We will publicly display the country you are in by default, though you have the option to disable this behavior within your account profile. We won't disclose private information to anyone unless we're forced to by law.

The information collected during the registration process for Blarket may be used to:

  • Contact members
  • Customize content to match your preferences
  • Display member status
  • Display the date of a member's last visit


No spam here at Blarket. We're not about to start bombarding you with annoying promotional offers (though we may send you the occasional email if you ask us to). And we'll never sell your email addresses or personal details to advertisers, scammers, spammers, or other shifty parties. Creampuff, our boisterous, protective Doberman pinscher, usually takes care of those guys for us anyway.