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Selling Overview

Do you have an internet start up that never worked out? Here's an opportunity to cash in on your website! Blarket is a website marketplace that only approves high-end websites with potential. The Blarket marketplace has a number of benefits for people looking to sell websites.

  • Submitting your website for approval is free. If the websites is accepted, there is a small $20 fee.
  • Pay no commission
  • Edit your listing anytime
  • 30 Day listing
  • Takes only a few minutes
  • Contact buyers directly

Interested in the process on Blarket? Here's a brief walkthrough of how things work.

Create Listing

A good listing clearly outlines the perks and statistics of the website for sale. Blarket gives you a number of fields to fill out and make sure that potential buyers have all the details they need. Let's take a look at a sample listing layout:

A Sample Listing

Pay and Transfer

Once a listing has ended, be sure to "change auction status" to either declare a winner or close the auction. If a buyer had been declared, the details of how the buyer and seller exchange assets should be negotiated between the buyer and the seller.

What Makes a Good Auction?

As you can see, the listing displays a title, subtitle, and domain of your choosing. This is the first thing that people will see, so be sure to use relevant words that describe the site clearly. For the best shot at running a successful auction, make sure to stick to the following guidelines/notes:

  • By uploading traffic and revenue proof, you'll have an easier time convincing buyers to purchase your website.
  • Including where your traffic came from, and specific search keyphrases in "Traffic Details" will help buyers get a sense of how well a website's brand is dispersed throughout the internet.
  • Showing traffic and revenue details throughout several months is the best way for buyers to see how a website has grown over a period of time.
  • Be sure to include the most important (big picture) information in the auction subtitle because viewers can view this before they even click on your listing.
  • Make sure you be honest with yourself when categorizing your website (Startup, Established, Premium) because you'll attract more buyers looking for that specific category, resulting in higher chances of selling a site.
  • Make sure the URL goes directly to the homepage of your website.
  • Pornographic websites will be removed from Blarket immediately.

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