Terms and Conditions

Guidelines for the Blarket markplace


Everything related to accountholders and participants

Most importantly

  • Each Blarket account must be held by one person only, and each person may hold only one Blarket account.

Also important

  • Users may not link to certain categories of external site. These include:
    • Pages containing explicit, obscene or vulgar language or images, no pornography.
    • Pages containing copyright infringing material.
    • Pages which could be classified as self-promotion, such as pages affiliated with the user.
    • In general, external links are considered suspicious unless they're obviously contextually related.
  • Comments should be made only to further the sale process:
    • Negative comments are strictly disallowed; any accusations of fraud or theft should be dealt with through the Support process.
    • Frivolous comments are discouraged.
  • Users should take due care and perform due diligence when on either side of a transaction.
  • All users should diligently monitor listings they are interested in; Blarket can provide no guarantees about delivery of emails.
  • Users who are banned by Blarket administration can expect no refund of any monies paid.

Blarket's Role

Blarket does not enter into monetary transactions or business dealings between marketplace buyers and sellers. Blarket is a neutral facilitator only, and will not be responsible for the failure of either party to follow through with their obligations, agreed or otherwise.

The content of a marketplace listing is the responsibility of the respective sellers including compliance with all laws and not engaging in misleading and/or deceptive conduct and therefore Blarket is not liable for any violations of rights of a third party, in particular intellectual property rights, trade mark rights, and copyright resulting from a marketplace listing. Blarket reserves the right to remove any listing, bid, offer or comment from the system at its own discretion.


  • By submitting a listing, you grant Blarket a permanent, irrevocable and unrestricted license to store and display the details of your listing.
  • By submitting a listing, you agree that in the event of a sale your contact details will be sent to the winning bidder.
  • The seller must have the right and good faith intention to sell the item listed.
  • The seller is obliged to sell to the user who made the winning bid or offer.
  • A user making a winning bid or offer is obliged to buy for the amount of the winning bid or offer.
  • The seller must provide full details of the item for sale, and must not intentionally hide information from public view.
  • Items may not be offered for sale through any other channel while the subject of a listing is on Blarket.
  • Listings breaching any guideline may be suspended or removed without refund of any monies paid.


  • A reserve price must be set, and the reserve must be equal to or greater than the minimum bid price.
  • The reserve price may not be made public by any means.
  • The reserve price may not be changed once it has been met.
  • The reserve price may be raised only if no bids have yet been placed.
  • A Buy It Now price, if it exists, must be equal to or greater than the reserve price.
  • Both the Buy It Now price and the reserve price may be lowered, but neither may be changed to an amount lower than the highest accepted bid.
  • The listing will publicly display whether or not the reserve price has been reached by an accepted bid.
  • Bids made in the final four hours postpone the end time to four hours after the bid was placed.
  • An auction is completed once it has ended and all bids made in the last 72 hours have either been accepted or rejected.
  • If an auction is completed and the reserve price is not met, the listing is passed in and all accepted offers immediately expire.
  • If there are bids greater than or equal to the reserve price, the highest accepted bid is the winning bid.


  • Bids and offers are anonymous to everyone except the seller.
  • Making a bid or offer agrees that you may be the winning bidder, and that if so your contact details will be communicated to the seller.
  • Sellers may not bid or offer on their own listing, either on their own behalf or through an intermediary.
  • Users may not reveal to other users who placed a bid or offer, whether via PM or public comment or any other way.
  • Bids or offers without a response from the seller within 72 hours will be automatically rejected.
  • Responding to a bid or offer is permanent; rejected bids may not be subsequently accepted, and accepted bids may not be subsequently rejected.


  • Bids are legally binding and irrevocable until a higher bid is accepted, at which time the previous highest bid expires.
  • Bids may not be withdrawn by the bidder.
  • All bids must be either accepted or rejected by the seller.
  • Buy It Now bids without a response within 72 hours will be automatically accepted.
  • Buy It Now bids may only be placed if the BIN price has not yet been matched or exceeded by an accepted bid.
  • When a Buy It Now bid is placed, no other bids may be placed until that bid is accepted or rejected.
  • Acceptance of a Buy It Now bid means the user who placed that bid is the winner, and the auction is won.
  • If the seller specifies their PayPal address, Buy It Now bids may only be placed by direct PayPal payment; in this case, the bid is always accepted when the PayPal payment is made.


  • Offers less than the minimum offer will not be accepted by the system.
  • Offers may be retracted at any point before they are accepted by the seller.
  • Offers are legally binding and irrevocable once accepted by the seller.


Listing fees will be refunded as required by Australian law, and beyond that at Blarket’s discretion.