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Great google search engine rankings, pagerank 4, earning $120 month, but if have time to build custom templates you can make $600/mo easily. (


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Listed On: January 15th, 2010

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I am looking to sell The site provides custom and/or premade skins for CS-Cart. CS-Cart is a php/mysql ecommerce program. CSCartSkins is an official partner to the official CS-Cart company (

The site has a valid CS-Cart license that runs the store and the Demo servers. The premade templates you see are what it comes with.

Page Rank: 4

Age: Little over 3 Years

Google Results:

Alexa Ranking: 281,490

Traffic Details

I have attached the trafic statistics of this month. If you would like to see more please post a comment.

Revenue Details

In 2009 the previous owner which I bought it from made $7,615.00 from selling premade and custom skins.

* 1,670.00 Was from sellin the premade skins the rest was from custom skins.

He lost time to manage the project so I took it from him before he couldn't pay for hosting etc. Since I have taken it I have updated all of the premade skins to be compatible with the newest version of CS-Cart.

In 2010 so far there has been 1 premade skin sale and I have had requests for about 8 custom quotes however, due to time restraints I am not taking on custom skin work. (I just had a son )

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